ASEAN Business Youth Association
About Us
To be the leading youth organisation that nurtures future ASEAN business leaders.
Empower a community of ASEAN youth to work and communicate effectively with people regionally, through cross-cultural training, exposure, application and networking.

We help to achieve higher levels of economic productivity through having business collaboration or working with ASEAN countries. ABYA will increase the accessibility of jobs in ASEAN for Singaporean youths, entrepreneurship skills.

ABYA will support positive economic, social and environmental links between urban, peri-urban and rural areas by strengthening national and regional development planning.

We encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships, building on the experience and resourcing strategies of partnerships.

Supporting Partners

On behalf of LucaNet, we would like to thank the ABYA team for allowing us to be part of the pilot experience. As part of a fast-growing organisation, we are constantly seeking insights and forming strategies to expand our reach in the ASEAN region. Thus far, we have not chanced upon any other initiative which allows us to connect with inquisitive youths looking to broaden their knowledge beyond our little red dot. ABYA perfectly harmonizes corporations' needs for market expansion with the knowledge and enthusiasm of Singapore's youths. Did we mention that ABYA is also led by a great team? We are in full support of ABYA's growth and we are excited for the future of this initiative.

Nicole Wang

Regional Marketing Manager, LucaNet

I think ABYA is a very important and bold initiative and action for Singapore, Indonesia and fellow ASEAN countries as it helps our regional youths to open up their mindsets, networks and experiences. By coming together as nations of 650 million people, ASEAN is definitely a huge potential force to make a better future the world. ABYA as an organisation and platform can definitely help to achieve this. I am looking forward to reading and see more about ABYA’s works to make our youths ASEAN-ready.

Effendy Tanuwidjaja

CEO & Founder,

On behalf of the Singapore Global Network (SGN), we are very happy to be able to support ABYA in its efforts to grow awareness and understanding of the opportunities in Southeast Asia amongst our Singaporean youth. Singapore is part of Southeast Asia and it is critical that we build understanding and appreciation of our neighbours and our role in this region. SGN, with our networks in Southeast Asia, look forward to working closely and supporting ABYA to offer relevant content and impactful experiences whether you are an individual looking for an introduction to the region, or are prepared to immerse yourself more fully in what it's like to work and live in Southeast Asia.

Karen Leo

Director, Singapore Global Network