ASEAN Business Youth Association
Management Committee

Veronica Low

Founder | President

Veronica is someone who enjoys working with people to facilitate ideas and projects that drive positive changes in society. Currently, she is working as a Senior Analyst in Deloitte Singapore under the Digital Transformation Team. She is also the President of the ASEAN Business Youth Association (ABYA). As the binding force of the team that has founded ABYA, she is passionate about the growth in the ASEAN region, and hopes to promote the value of ABYA, as a platform for individuals to act on their interest – to learn and bond over the rich culture and recent developments in Southeast Asia.

She has formally held the role of Vice-President and Director of Operations in Business China Youth Chapter (BCYC) and is a former Academic fellow in YSEALI Academic Spring Fellowship on Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. While she is highly active in the social entrepreneurship sector, she also dedicates her time outside of work to loved ones, church, and community work.

Handi E. Yusajap

Deputy President

Handi is a business professional with experience in the ASEAN region. He has been actively involved in various strategic initiatives across ASEAN, and has strong relationships with key government officials and business leaders in the region.

Poh Suan

Co-Founder | Vice President

Driven by her curiosity about public policy and media/communications, Poh Suan is currently completing her final academic year as a Political Science major and Communications and New Media (CNM) minor at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

At the young age of 18 years old, she was blessed to come across a youth chapter, Business China Youth Chapter (BCYC), that aimed to inspire more Singaporean youths to learn more about China, and facilitate bilateral relations between Singapore and China. This opportunity not only broadened her horizons, but also ignited her desire to work in a regional and global environment. Thus, she was deeply intrigued by ABYA’s mission — to empower a community of like-minded ASEAN youths to learn, understand, and upskill themselves — and positively impact the lives of ASEAN youths.

Luan Phan

Chief Marketing Officer

Luan is a full time working professional in e-commerce and entrepreneurship with 5 years experience in fast-moving consumer goods and food technology. Furthermore, Luan is also a speaker and career mentor in Vietnam youth forums as he specialises in youth career development.

Luan aspires to improve and increase the values of ASEAN youths through employability and leadership potentials. His motivation is to help youth increase their added-value skills and qualification in private and non-private sectors. Additionally, he is pursuing the future of career mobility in the ASEAN region and he believes youth is the key factor to make ASEAN more competitive and inclusive.

Nisrina Husnul Khotimah

Deputy Marketing Officer

Nisrina is a creator with an International Relations background, thriving within the complex intersection of art and worldviews. Currently, she is working as a freelancer for Indonesian independent fashion brands as well as being a business owner herself.

As Deputy CMO, her job at ABYA is to take care of the communication platforms between the organization and the community. She believes that ASEAN’s future is bright; there is so much proven talent concentrated in this region and she hopes to nurture that through ABYA’s initiatives and knowledge-sharing.

Xavier Lim

Chief Operations Officer

Xavier Lim, is currently a Year 2 Student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, studying Real Estate Business with a minor in Global Readiness.

His tenacity to never give up and ability to focus allowed him to lead the Operations & Human Resources Department of the ASEAN Business Youth Association. Xavier is motivated to find ways that connect Singapore youths with ASEAN youths through economics, social and cultural immersions. He believes that in the foreseeable future, ASEAN countries is rising as an economic force and it is necessary for Singapore to foster and build business relationships with our youths.

Tracy Chong

Chief Programmes Officer

Tracy is currently enrolled in Nanyang Technological University studying English Literature, with a great passion in the creative and business spaces, and how they intersect. If thresholds are the edges of experience, then being deeply involved in ABYA as Head of Programmes opens a passage across borders, allowing her to formulate different perspectives that exist parallel to the creative field she is familiar with.

For instance, the recent ABYA trip to Jakarta where the team met up with various stakeholders allowed her to understand more about cultural nuances in Indonesia and the ASEAN region, and how to navigate between them to forge stronger bonds.


Co-Founder | Chief Finance Officer

Our CFO is the youngest of the founding members of ABYA. He runs 2 startups, and 1 social enterprise while juggling his bachelor's in business management at SMU.

Founding Members

Poh Suan





Chief Financial Officer