ABYA’s  trip to Jakarta and youth involvement in Indonesia.
ABYA’s  trip to Jakarta and youth involvement in Indonesia.

ABYA’s  trip to Jakarta and youth involvement in Indonesia.

Headline: Landing with a plan, flying with a passion

Summary: Indonesia is a lively country full of ambition and opportunities. With a population of 275.5 million (2022), Indonesia is a young, energetic nation with many talented youths and change makers. Seeking to create a positive impact to the region, the ASEAN Business Youth Association (ABYA)’s core team went for their business trip in Jakarta. 

The trip kick-started on the 11th of January 2023 to the 15th of January 2023.  ABYA’s team was welcomed by great hospitality and had great conversations with their partners. During the visit, the team had met with multiple stakeholders ranging from public and private sectors to discuss collaboration opportunities with them. 

#DAY 1 – Meeting with the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI)’s foreign policy experts and communities.

Our trip started off with our meeting with Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI). Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) is a non-partisan, non-politic and independent foreign policy organisation established to discuss and introduce international relations issues to many relevant actors in Indonesia. ABYA is grateful to be hosted by FPCI’s founder, Mr. Dino Patti Djalal and his team to better understand FPCI’s 2023 strategy and how both organisations can collaborate. We had an insightful discussion on ASEAN and identified the need to forge closer links between the countries.

ABYA concluded our Day 1 with our dinner meeting with Foreign Policy Talks (FPT). Established in 2020, Foreign Policy Talks is an organisation of foreign policy enthusiasts to embrace diverse perspectives and advance expertise and discourse on foreign affairs. Both organisations shared the pain points of youths in Singapore and Indonesia, and aimed to empower ASEAN youths to grow into future leaders of tomorrow.  We look forward to working closely with an organisation like FPT who shares a similar mission in building a platform for the ASEAN youths.

#DAY 2 – Meeting with governmental and student bodies.

ABYA’s second day started off with our visit to the Ministry of Youth and Sport (Kemenpora). During our visit to Kemenpora, we had an insightful discussion with the governmental officials and discussed how both organisations can collaborate in cultivating youth potential in Indonesia through entrepreneurship and job opportunities. We are honoured to be featured on the Ministry of Youth and Sport (Kemenpora)’s website and we are equally excited for more opportunities with them  in 2023 in youth empowerment and entrepreneurship. 

The ABYA’s Core Team is grateful to meet Mr. Pak Sedyana and Mr. Edwin J. Tanga in a lunch meeting that allowed us to gain deeper insights on the culture and business landscape in Indonesia. 

After our lunch meeting,  ABYA had an insightful meet-up with the University of Indonesia’s Management Student Society (MSS FEB UI). Both organisations discussed  areas on how to provide better opportunities for their members. It was an insightful discussion with MSS FEB UI and looking forward to working together in increasing the student’s regional exposure.

Our day concluded with a networking night with Mr. Bobby and Mr. Bernadinus from Deloitte Indonesia. The sharing session was full of far-sighted knowledge and information on how ABYA could be successful in the region.

#DAY 3 – Meeting with DBS Indonesia and the ASEAN Secretariat

ABYA’s core team started off their Day 3 with Corporate Banking Group by DBS Indonesia. ABYA had the opportunity to hear more about DBS Indonesia’s strategy  on corporate sustainability and sustainable movement. It was fruitful on how both parties leverage the next steps to help the youth community.

During our networking lunch with Singapore Chamber of Commerce (SingCham), ABYA is grateful to be hosted by distinguished guests from different fields such as Madam Santhi Poesposoetjipto, Mr Joel Shen, Kevin Mr Ben Laurence, Mr Hafiz Kasma and Pang Xuekai who shared their experiences in Indonesia. It filled the meeting with passion and information of Indonesia and impact as a key nation in the ASEAN region.

Afterward, ABYA joined with the ASEAN Secretariat at  the heart of Jakarta. The meeting advanced the role of ABYA in the youth community in ASEAN and agreed on its commitment to youth development and regional agendas. We are excited for the plans with the ASEAN Secretariat and how both parties can collaborate to do more for the youths in ASEAN. 

Our trip ended on a high note with ABYA team hosting a networking dinner for over 40 Indonesian youths. Sponsored by Singapore Global Network, the event was booming with discussion about the youths’ motivation, passion and dream in the city of Jakarta. 

The trip marks the start of an exciting journey with Indonesia with our insightful meetings  with our talented Indonesian youths and partners. We look forward to a great  year ahead to continue making an impact and grooming future ASEAN leaders, especially in a beautiful nation like Indonesia filled with great people, energetic vibe and youth’s ambition.

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